Best 2012 Car for the Over 50

It would be wrong to suggest that any one particular car suits the needs of a person over the age of fifty. As with all other age-groups, the ideal car for the over-fifties will depend on a number of different factors including budget, personal preference and practical requirements. However, this is a time of life when people want to enjoy the fruits of their labour. A car can be a statement of a person's success and financial achievement; it is therefore essential that such a car exudes class and style. The Ford Mondeo 1.6 TDCi Zetec is as stylish as it is powerful, and it has been turning heads throughout 2012.

The 1.6 litre engine strikes the perfect balance between fuel-efficiency and acceleration. Unless the driver enjoys seriously powerful acceleration, this car will be more than adequate. This version of Ford’s Mondeo range looks incredible, and it performs excellently on both the motorway and the inner-city roads of the UK. The Mondeo's main strength is its fantastic handling; an attribute made possible by the car's perfectly engineered suspension. This is easily the largest Mondeo ever, yet its agility makes the car a dream to drive in almost any driving environment.

The average over-fifty will probably be looking for a drive that is comfortable, smooth and quiet, and the Mondeo delivers in all areas. Despite the car's bulk, noise from the wind and the road is kept to a minimum. The engine provides the Mondeo's most refined performance ever, and even the 2.0 litre versions are quiet and discreet. Ergonomically designed in-car controls ensure that drivers are not stretching to operate various facilities and functions. The gear-stick is also perfectly placed to allow for seamless gear changes.

The Mondeo's interior offers all of the space and luxury that has historically been reserved for much more expensive cars. The front driver and passenger seats are fully adjustable, and they cater for almost all driving styles. Leather-effect finishes to the doors and the dashboard ensure that the car's premium look is visible throughout. The new Mondeo feels substantial and protective, yet small children may struggle to see out of the relatively high windows. The car's boot is easily big enough for a large family's holiday luggage.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Mondeo is the attention to detail in terms of technology. This is a car which doesn't skimp on gadgetry, and owners can expect a driving experience to rival that found in a top-of-the-range Mercedes. Every model is fitted with the latest traction-control technology; a system that greatly improves passenger comfort on long and winding roads. Cruise-control is also fitted as standard, and the entire system is operated by touch-button controls on the steering wheel. Ford's award-winning multimedia system allows drivers to connect mobile phones through a bluetooth system. Hands-free calling, MP3 compatibility and optional satellite navigation systems are built in, and they can all be operated via a voice-control system or simple one-touch controls. The Ford Mondeo has been one of the UK's most loved cars for two decades, and it delivers everything most over-fifties look for in a car.