Personalize Your Pony and Avoid Stock 'Stangs

There are many reasons Mustangs are famous. It's the original pony car, a two-time winner of Motor Trend Car of the Year, has remained in production for more than four decades, etc, etc, etc. But what has really sustained this fine example of American automotive design and engineering is how endlessly modifiable these cars are. Each individual Mustang owner can transform their car exactly the way they want it, making it as fast, as powerful, as sleek or as sinister as they want. And since AmericanMuscle is the #1 aftermarket Mustang parts dealer on the Internet, it should be obvious where most of these owners go when they want the highest quality products at the best prices.

Did we mention that Mustang owners thrive on speed? Did we even have to mention it? AmericanMuscle knows this, and to make sure you can squeeze every last pony out of that Mustang engine, we offer a number of different Mustang superchargers that are the absolute last word in horsepower and torque. And when we say that, we mean you can generally look to add over 100 HP and around 65 ft-lbs. of torque with these superchargers. These bad boys don't mess around when it comes to getting the ponies out from under the hood and onto the road.

So, now that you've added all those ponies, you're going to need to make sure you're not going to be losing any because of drag or wind resistance. Which means that a Mustang spoiler could be right up your alley. In addition to those previously mentioned benefits, spoilers help to increase fuel efficiency and will give any Mustang an aggressive look that tells people to keep their distance or else you might blow their doors in.

On the few occasions that you're going slow enough for people to see your Mustang, they're more than likely going to be seeing your front end first. And one of the most noticeable customizations you can make to your front end is a new Mustang grille. We stock both upper and lower grilles for Mustangs, sleek mesh grilles or even billet grilles that will shine bright for as long as you own your Mustang.

AmericanMuscle also offers a wide variety of Mustang decals. You're proud of your car and you're proud that you've turned it into something that you can truly call original and your very own, so why not show off your trophy? Bumper inserts are a simple way to do this, as are Lemans stripes and rocker strips. Or maybe you'd even like to sport an AmericanMuscle decal and let everybody know where you got all this great stuff to add to your Pony? Just a suggestion.



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